Paper bag net weight 25 kg-Whole World


paper bag net weight  25 kg

Whole World

The unique properties of the edible gelatin offered by Queen have led to its widespread use in the food and milk industry. Because our edible gelatin does not affect the color or taste of the product when used in soup sand sauces, it is widely used as thickener in the manufacture of those products. Moreover, gelatin can act as an agent in forming the flavor links used in the production of broth. Producers of canned meats, have found that edible gelatin is able to effectively absorb meat juices during cooking,allowing these products retain their natural flavor. Used widely as a stabilizing agent in dairy products, edible gelatin provides a smooth texture to products such as ice cream, while keeping it free of ice crystals. Because edible gelatin is able to produce stable foam, ice cream producers consider it ideal for reducing surface liquid-air tension during the production process. The properties of gelatin stabilizers also prevent products such as yogurt from separating and produce a soft texture. Besides its ability to facilitate the production of yogurt,gelatin helps to preserve the suspension of fruits and nuts commonly used in dressings. Known largely for its ability to gel quickly,the gelatin is a main ingredient in gelatin powders for desserts and popular gelatin sweets. In addition, marshmallow and nougat producers use gelatin because it sustains foam and thus works well to form a gel film around the air required to manufacture aired foodstuffs. Queen edible gelatin has a bloom force range of 160 to 250 grams. Although it is more frequently used in the manufacture of food and dairy products, it is by no means limited to those applications. Queen has the facilities and the personnel to work jointly and effectively in helping current and potential customers to use its products effectively. Queen welcomes the opportunity to help companies use its gelatin in their food and dairy products.

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