• Why Jelly Glue ?

Industrial gelatin

Industrial gelatin

This is a technical grade of gelatin made in Egypt of cow skin. It is ideal for use in glue.

Gelatin glue is graded and sold by its Bloom Value or Bloom strength. Bloom value is a measurement of the strength of a gel formed by a 12.5% solution of the glue that has been kept in a constant temperature bath at 10 C for 18 hours. A device called a Texture Analyzer or Bloom gelomater is then used to measure the weight in grams required to depress a standard plunger 4 millimeters into the gel. If this procedure requires 200 grams, then the glue is a 200-bloom value glue. Glue is also tested for its viscosity at this same 

12.5 % concentration. A standard viscosity range is associated with each bloom level